Its become apparent in the last few weeks that I just shouldn't be allowed to touch anything in my home because it leads to a repair call, which leads to much chaos and then a bill.  But, finally, the dishwasher and water are both working and the freezer is almost entirely fixed.  Almost in that it makes ice but just now it won't cough up the cubes.  So until I un-jam (technical term there folks) its making approximately 7 cubes every 3-6 hours.  So. No. I'm told the part is on the way, which is broad repairman speak for "yeah, it'll get here sometime, like Christmas."
In the meantime I had a great show again on Lampwork Bazaar and if any of y'all are swinging in from there to check us out, here's a giant virtual hug for you.  Because you deserve it for being awesome.
I've redone the website again.  I'm finally for the first time happy with how it displays photos and how quickly I can add product.  So now I'm going to start, which I know I've said before but I mean it this time.  Promises.  You can still find some things just exclusively here and almost always first at .  We add a handful of things each day and its a fun group of designers and friends to chat with.
I'm going to go sit and stare at the moon with my dog for awhile!


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